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The game type three in a row with robots, galaxies and stores.
The player armed robots. Rearrange chips that the player shoots at the enemy. After the turn of a player – the progress of the enemy.
Many weapons (eight guns, lasers, eight, eight rocket launchers).
A large number of additional equipment (generators, shields, armor, coolers, batteries, …)
6 robots for the player and 5 for the enemy.
83 levels.


Configuración mínimaConfiguración recomendada
OS Windows 7 x64 Windows 7 x64
CPU Pentium or AMD Dual-Core 2.4+ Ggh Pentium or AMD Quad-Core 3.0+ Ggh
RAM 2048 MB RAM 4096 MB RAM
GPU Integrated 1024 mb
HDD 300 MB available space 300 MB available space


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